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Natural turf running track

Speciality:Running hill, barefoot running
Length:600 m
Distance:Approximately 10 minutes travel time
Focus:The training area is situated around a biotope, close to an 18-hole golf course, and also includes "ups an downs". The typical regional landscape offers both short distance tracks and circular running courses on smooth hills.

Artificial turf running track

Length:333 m
Width:2 m
Structure:Water-permeable artificial turf running track with quartz sand
Location:Within walking distance of the AVITA Resort
Focus:The track offers both ascents and descents with the special nature of the hill close to the spa. Wheter running barefoot or with shoes, one can profit from the joint-friendly track. Furthermore it offers the opportunity to focus on rolling over from heels to toes while running slowly and smoothly.

Finnenbahn (Forest Floor Track)

Length:500 m
Width:1.5 m
Structure:Bark mulch and forest floor
Location:Within walking distance (spa gardens)
Focus:The joint-friendly natural running track is situated in the middle of the 200-year-old spa gardens. The surface, which is quite similar to forest soil, guarantees step security and it additionally offers perfect training sessions for regeneration of muscles, tendons and joints.

Sensomotoric running track

Speaciality:Strengthening of foot muscles
Length:240 m
Structure:Various ground surfaces
Location:Within walking distance (Elisabeth Allee)
Focus:Running barefoot on diverse surfaces has a positive effect on foot muscles. One can find different surfaces including sand, gravel, grass, forest floor and granules, all of which are accessible. Tai-Chi master Kobayashi said: "In China feet are compared with the roots of a tree. Therefore it is important to strengthen these roots which carry our bodies.